Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Help Me I Am So Addicted!!!

I am a traditional scrapbooker!  When I get home after working on computers all day, after dinner, I want some scissors, paper, tape runners and embellishments to work with on my projects.  BUT... In the past 30 days I have created 32 layouts (64 pages) on Studio J and I am an addict!!!  I can't help myself - upload photos, pick a paper pack, pick a layout and drag your photos into the photo slots.  This is so fast and easy.  I hope my addiction does not get out to everyone that believes I spend hours on my layouts!  (Hehe - did these in front of the TV).  If you want to preserve your family memories but are not into scissors and paper - LET ME SHOW YOU HOW!!  Check out this awesome layout of my beautiful granddaughter's birthday - do you have photos that you want to display this awesome????

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