Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Growing by Leaps and Bounds!

I saw a similar layout to this on ebay and thought it was the perfect layout for my son. If I post more layouts of my son (youngest with less pictures) than my daughter (older with more pictures) it is because my son said he has a "pamplet" of pages and my daughter has "volumes". I am trying to balance the layouts!

Clowning Around

This layout was inspired by a layout I saw on the web. My son's boyscout troop held a carnival festival and the boys were all clowns. This was in 1995 and we didn't have the funds for a costume. So, I got the jacket at goodwill, sewed on a few patches, made a tie with the extra fabric and made the hat out of poster board. I think he was the cutest clown of all! I printed the background clown on velium and reduced the resolution. I was pleased with the final results.

Never a Better Time!

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Away too long!

Hi Everyone - I know I have not posted lately but things got really busy for me. First, sadly my daughter mis-carried at 10 weeks. She is doing ok and the doctors say there is no reason for her not to have a successful pregnancy next time. Next, my son that moved from Guam to Virginia Beach just got engaged and we have been busy with him. I did manage to get away for 2 weekend scraps at the Maggie Valley Scrap House since my last post and have tons of artwork that I am going to start post tonight! Thanks for being so patient.