Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Believe in Your Ability & Abundance

...from our awesome Close To My Heart email....this does not just apply to direct sales people but to everyone!!! You can have the life that you dream of...

In the October 2008 issue of Direct Selling News, Ian Percy, an organizational psychologist, author, and business speaker, talks about the power of transforming our thinking. He says, “From the moment of our existence we begin to form an understanding of how the world works... through our socialization, education and experiences. A few people are blessed with a huge expansive understanding as to what is possible. Unfortunately, most of us are taught more about what is not possible and what we can’t do.” Percy says every once in a while we’ll have an experience that forces us to change our mode of thinking. But why wait for that experience to happen? If you’re willing to break out of your current way of thinking and believe in your own limitless ability, you will be all you can be!

Percy explains that we need to become comfortable with the wisdom of our own intuition and operate from an “abundance” mindset rather than one of lack and victimization. This means trusting ourselves, truly believing we are capable of succeeding, and taking responsibility for our actions or inaction.

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