Monday, March 7, 2011

Check out Close To My Hearts New Canvas Buttons!!!

Girls these buttons are fantastic. I lost my voice for a week and was just getting it back when Gary shot this video so "bear" with my scruffy voice!

UPDATE: Ok girls - this is an update to my original post - I admit that I came home from a weekend scrapbook retreat sick with broncitis and had to get this video made for CTMH. I was worried about my hoarse voice and my husband's video skills but since I felt so bad, I was only giving this one shot. I had problems getting this into a format that I could post here and when I finally did, I had no time left. I had to go to work. When I listened to it and noticed that my dog, Storm, was howling in the background I just had to roll in the floor laughing and hoped that no one else would notice. I was wrong. All of my friends have texted, emailed and called me laughing up a "Storm". We did not notice when we were making the video that she was outside howling at a fire truck. So, watch the video, laugh with me and remember that our canvas button really are totally awesome!

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Gina said...

You are just too talented, girlfriend!! LOVE IT!!