Monday, May 31, 2010

In June You Can Hit The JACKPOT!!!

Hit the jackpot and win free products with Jackpot June! This CTMH Campaign, starting June 1, provides you with a different type of MyCTMH® deal each day. Some days you can grab loaded Goodie Boxes at 50 percent or more off retail value, and other days are Jackpot Days. Those days give you a list of 5 products, one of which will trigger the Jackpot—a surprise product you’ll receive free! Take a chance and hope that you buy the right item that gets you the free product, or play it safe and buy one of each, guaranteeing that you will hit the Jackpot! Either way, you will save money on favorite scrapbooking and stamping supplies by grabbing a different bargain each day in June. Deals include discounted shipping/handling, too! These special offers are available only online so be ready everyday to check out my webstite and get your deal! New deals are posted each day at 9:00 am (MDT).

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